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Our company profile cannot be completed without a tribute to our founder Mr. Essa Abdullah Bahman who established “DOLLARCO” in the year 1979.

Late Mr. Essa Abdulla Bahman was born in the year 1931 in Kuwait City in a seafarer’s business family. His family owns several Booms (Sail Boats) which were used for freighting of boulders and sea rocks (Asheeraj) from an area located in the north of Kuwait Lagoon for the construction of houses.

Mr. Bahman under gone his primary education in Mubarakiya School in Kuwait City. When he was at the age of 7, his Family started acquiring Booms (Sail Boats) and freighting goods from Kuwait by sea to other countries located in the coast of Arabian Gulf. Gradually the family started building of larger seafaring boats known as “SAFFAR” for seafaring between Kuwait and India and the ship named as ‘AL AHMADI’. Taking in to consideration of the good relationship with Sheikh Ahmed Jabir Al-Sabah, the Ruler of Kuwait at that time helped the family for their endeavor. Their main business during that period was transporting goods to India and from India to Kuwait.

In the year 1947 while in the return journey from one of the Indian sea ports to Kuwait, destiny struck this ship as a strong and deadly cyclone called by the sea farers as “AL OHAIMAR” and sank the ship along with all the members on board to the sea bottom. Majority of them were from the Bahman family including Mr. Essa Bahman’s father, brother, uncle and nephews.

Due to this unhappy event Mr. Bahman struggled very hard to give a glorious life to his family. He started his own business from his early age and after many years of his continuous efforts he became one of the leading businessmen in Kuwait.

In the year 1964 when democratic life began in Kuwait, he decided to use his capability, efficiency, and experience to serve the country as a citizen of Kuwait and he becomes member of the Municipal Council. In the year 1967 Mr. Bahman was elected as a Member of Kuwait Parliament and continuously he was a Member of Parliament for the 4th consecutive Legislative Assembly.

During his parliamentary life he played a superb role in formulation of the important decisions like nationalization of Oil Sector.

With his knowledge and strong hold on Economic and Financial affairs he established DOLLARCO EXCHANGE CO. on 17 March 1979 to give better service to the Citizen as well as expatriates in Kuwait to transfer the money for education and domestic purpose. He started the company with one small Office which now had network of 14 branches. Dollarco is one of the leading Exchange House with high-tech working atmosphere.

It is not out of place to mention here that during the Iraqi occupation Mr. Bahaman was a member of “HIGHER CONSULTANCY AUTHORITY” which was chaired by the Crown Prince and Prime Minister Sheikh Saad Al Abdullah Al Sabah. After the liberation of Kuwait he has been awarded a “Certificate of Honor” in consideration of his able guidance and services to the country as a Citizen of Kuwait by the Prime Minister.

Mr. Bahman’s services to the Country and to the people of Kuwait shall be remembered. “May GOD rest his Soul in Peace”.

Khalid Sharif
General Manager
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