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Dollarco Exchange Company was incorporated in 1979 as a reputed and well-established Financial Institution operating in Kuwait for the Past 36 years, registered and approved by The Central Bank of Kuwait. All our branches are located in the heart and business centers of Kuwait and stand in a renowned position to significantly promote speedy and secure services of foreign remittances all over the world.

Mr. Essa Abdulla Bahman
Founder of Dollarco (1931 - 2003)

Dollarco was the first Exchange house, allowed by the Central Bank of Kuwait to re-start its business after liberation of Kuwait i.e. September 16th, 1991.

The Exchange House is operating as partnership with Limited Liabilities (WLL CO.) registered as per commercial laws of Kuwait. It is owned by Kuwaiti partners, who are well-established businessmen with other lines of business in Kuwait as well. The Company belongs to very famous and venerable ‘BAHMAN FAMILY’ seen with great prestige and respect in Kuwait business community as business has been inherited in the family for the past 5 decades.

Since the foundation, the company has established good business relationship with more than 50 International Banks all over the world, such United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Thailand, Philippines and Indonesia.

The latest Hi-tech electronic mode of transfer of funds has been adopted by linking up the modern computer system in order to provide an Excellent, speedy service to expatriates in Kuwait.

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